Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 9 2/21/2011

I was painting my art project that is due in 7 days. It was really weird because i am not evening painting it, i tried everything to make it look good and using fine colored pencils was the best choice, but in the dream i made wonders with paint.

This is quite funny because i am a very bad artist, but my abstract stuff looks pretty good

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 8 2/20/2011

hmm i woke up and got ready to write in my dream journal but i couldn't think of anything to write. I didn't have any dreams-again - last night. What a bummer all i could remember was thinking of some hot chicks, but then i woke up.
It's weird because i only dream when i lay on my back with my arms and legs parted. Then i must hold still but still try to hold consciousness. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 7 2/19/2011

I didn't dream last night. I was restless and ate a bunch of junk food while i partied at my friends.

Sorry everybody, but i did see some funny movies and watched a lot of south park.

maybe tomorrow i will have something more pleasing

Day 6 2/18/2011 "fighting aliens"

I came back from a hard day of killing aliens (ya i know sounds weird) and my mom had moved back in with my dad and they were getting back together (if you knew my mom you would be like, oh shit). So instead of staying and having idle chit chat, i ran away. During night in this dream aliens were roaming the land. They were afraid of these lights we made but the sun didn't bother them to much. As i was leaving i had to fight countless numbers of aliens trying to kill me and use my body as a host.

I woke up pretty fast from this one because i died.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 5 2/17/2011 "the future"

Last night was unusual. I dreamed of hacking into profiles to gain access to their personal info. The setting was futuristic, maybe 10-20 years from now.... Well once i hacked the info i gained more points. This reminded me of a game i played, but these points for traded for anything including cash. It was how i made cash in the future. 

What if this really happened?

Day 4 2/16/2011

Sorry i didn't get to type this yesterday, i was busy.... anyways on to the dream

I was a mercenary, i hunted and killed people for money that was given to me from a giant red worm with black and yellow stripes on its body. It also had a bunch of legs like a centipede. When i went to the worm it sat in a giant tent smoking some kind of drug. I wore leather armor and had a gun on my back, it was a rifle in a holster. With a pistol on my side. I wasn't afraid of anything so i talked big game to the fellow. Which made me get less money but i threatened him and got more. 
This was all very confusing and i didn't understand where it came from.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 3 2/15/2011 "Trip at Giant Eagle"

Last night was weird I slept really good for once and i didn't roll over onto my arms. I dreamed of vandalizing a Giant Eagle store and then escaping in someones car i stole. While i was doing this i was with my friends hanging out and we were all running around in the store. When we started doing bad stuff the cops came after us and i bailed. 
weird stuff isn't it?